Miss Ghana UK 2016

Beautiful 2 piece gown by ‘M and C

On the 24th September 2016, I hosted the 24th edition of The Miss Ghana UK 2016 at the Kensington and Chelsea Town Hall with my co-host Simply Andy. Humbled and honoured, it was a very exciting night for me as five years ago I was standing on that stage as a contestant. It was not my first time hosting a beauty pageant show, however, I still felt the excitement as if it was my very first time. I enjoy hosting beauty pageant despite all the backstage craziness, the change of outfits, hair and makeup in between the show and the surprises (technical issues) it comes with.

Edma presenting the swimwear category

Wanting to do something different this year, MGUK’16 partnered with media powerhouse, ABN TV and ABN Radio. Every rehearsal including special day events such as the annual sports day was recorded to enlighten viewers about what exactly goes on and how the girls prepare themselves for the big show. Due to this partnership, I was given the opportunity to work with ABN Radio as the voice over for the MGUK’16 radio commercial.


I had the privilege to attend several rehearsals before the grand finale. It gave me the opportunity to bond with the Miss Ghana UK 2016 contestants. Getting to know the girls helped me memorised their names, contestant numbers, hobbies and occupations which gave me great confidence during my hosting performance.

Edma and Adjoa (Miss Ghana UK 15) with the MGUK 2016 contestants at the annual Sports day.

I will like to use this blog post to congratulate all the beautiful 15 contestants for putting off an amazing show and our new Queen Rachel Ama Djan. Overall it was a successful night and I enjoyed hosting the show with Andy. I will also like to personally thank my power team for holding me down and making me look absolutely beautiful on the night. From hair to makeup to all my outfits ‘sigh’, I couldn’t have done it without them or ask for a better team.

Outfits:@mandc_line and @iam_jroady | Stylist:@iam_jroady | MUA:@jacquinamamua    | Hair Stylist: @hair2thethrone_1

First outfit by M and C
Second outfit by Jroady London
Edma and Simply Andy announcing the winner of MGUK 2016




8 thoughts on “Miss Ghana UK 2016

  1. Wooowww from a contestant in 2011 to the official host in 2016,God’s indeed wonderful.Really proud of you.Keep on inspiring us.All the best

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