Ambassador For Project Souls4Soles


Every Child Matters


Early this year, I was asked to become the new ambassador for Project Souls4Soles, with honour, I immediately accepted the offer after reading about the charity organisation’s aims and objectives including what they stand for. Having the opportunity to help another human being I believe is one of the most fulfilling feelings anyone can ever experience. I have become very passionate about education and how important it is to our generation especially as a young woman. Most of us are aware of the hardship, poverty, famine, gender inequalities and unsustainable instabilities in many African countries caused by wars, political instabilities, natural disasters, culture and traditional practices and lack of social and health care. What really hurts my spirit are the innocent children having to deal with so many bitter situations due to some of the factors mentioned above. Nevertheless, Project Souls4Soles intends to tackle some of these factors starting with Nigeria.

Project Souls4Soles was founded and registered in the UK in 2015 and in Nigeria in 2016 by Olayinka Olawore; an Entrepreneur, Journalist and Publisher of Fotoreel International magazine. The main goal at Project Souls4Soles is to ensure that by the turn of the decade no African child would have to walk to school or anywhere for that matter barefoot. The organisation aims to start from a little corner in Lagos State (Nigeria). However, this determined charity organisation won’t stop until it reaches the innermost part of the remote communities in Africa.

Project Souls4Soles also wants to deal with child poverty and the many problems it brings. Addressing the unspoken gender favouritism in African families is primary in their agenda. The organisation has witnessed families with limited resources struggling to educate all their children and these circumstances have forced these particular families to choose which child to educate. Sadly, the male child is most likely to gain the privileges of an education  even if the female child is more academically promising. This choice is simply borne out of the belief that a male child is a potential heir whom would bear the family name for as long as he lives, the female, on the other hand, would one day be married off and change her name. It is beliefs and practices as such that spiral into gender imbalances and gender inequalities. Project Souls4Soles aspires to hold workshops and talks to sensitive communities to the long-term effects of gender favouritism within the family and on the society at large.

Project Souls4Soles is officially launching in the UK on the 3rd of December 2016 at the Radisson Blu Canary Wharf, London and as preparation towards the launch, the charity organisation is set to promote and create awareness about the event as much as they can. The Founder of PS4S Mrs Olayinka Olawore and I (the ambassador) have been invited to have a slot on Pauline’s long show at BEN TV to talk about the upcoming event.

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