The Ambassador

Project Soul4Soles 1st Annual Charity Gala

“The Beginning Of Something Great”

Edma Ohemaa Lawer, The Ambassador Of Project Souls4Soles

On the 3rd of December 2016, Project Souls4soles embarked on their first annual charity gala that took place at the Radisson Blu Hotel in Canary Wharf, London, hosted by Gbolaha Macjob. The event was full of fun, excitement and laughter and in terms of attendance and donations, the amount of people that showed up to support this great cause was mind blowing. Anyone that attended the gala would agree that it was a successful and well-organised event. Several distinguished guests such as the chairman SK Abdulahi, Mrs Mavis Osei ( The Head Of Miss Ghana UK Beauty Pageant) and Dr Dayo Olumu also attended the event. The charity organisation was able to raise £4856 including 550 pairs of school shoes through the £1 donation and other pledges by people.

The Ambassador

As the ambassador of this fast growing charity, I had the  privilege to give a speech on how honoured I am to be the ambassador of Project Souls4Soles charity organisation and my goals towards it.

“Good evening ladies and gentlemen, distinguished guest, it is such an honour to be here tonight as the ambassador of Project Souls 4 Soles. Earlier this year, I was asked by Mrs Olayinka to become the brand ambassador for this amazing foundation and to be honest with you all, after reading the aims and objectives of this charity organisation I immediately accepted the offer with great excitement as I’ve always wanted to be part of a great movement that changes the lives of many. Being granted the opportunity to help another human being in need I believe is one of the most fulfilling feelings anyone can ever experience. Along the years I have become very passionate about education, I have witnessed how important it is to our generation especially as a young black woman to gain such knowledge. Education is a very powerful tool, and I believe every child should be given the privilege to access it. Most of us are aware of the hardship, poverty, gender discrimination and unsustainable living in many African countries caused by wars, political instabilities, natural disasters, culture and traditional practices and the lack of social and health care. What really hurts my spirit are the innocent children having to deal with so many bitter situations due to some of the factors mentioned. However, Project Souls4Soles aims to tackle some of these factors starting with a little corner in Lagos, Nigeria.

  • Our goals at project souls 4 soles is to tackle child poverty by providing shoes for the feet of every Nigerian child and in the long run every African child and by empowering parents skills that will help them minimise poverty.
  • We aim to also deal with gender inequality by holding workshops and talks at the most sensitive communities in Nigeria.
  • Child health will also be tackled by developing goals and teaming up with the UN, hospitals, doctors to check out the health of children in primary schools and secondary schools.

This is not just a charity organisation, it is a movement, a movement of greatness, a movement that will change lives. So lets us all join forces and help the helpless.”

This was my speech as the brand ambassador, a video will be uploaded shortly when it has been edited. On the behalf of myself, Mrs Olayinka Olawore (the founder of PS4S) and the project souls4soles team, we will like to thank everyone that contributed to the £1 donation and every single person that attended the event last Saturday evening to make it a successful gala.

Edma Ohemaa Lawer and Mrs Olayinka Olawore (The founder and chief executive director of PS4S)

The £1 donation is still going on, please do make sure you donate and support a great cause at Just £1 can provide a shoe for a child walking barefoot to go to school and change lives. The PS4S team and I have so much planned the year coming and we hope to join forces with you all to create greatness. Picture of the night at now available at the gallery section Gallery .



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  1. My fist time here and all I see is greatness; congratulations on all your many success and hopefully more to come. Ps: Your site is simple and beautiful.

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