Ambassador Duties



It is such a great honour to be the new ambassador for Dionne Smith Wigs and Hair (@Dswigs_hair). Last weekend, we finally had our first photoshoot for the new collection coming out soon and it was amazing. I had so much fun working with all the hairstylists, makeup artists, stylist, models and the whole entire team. In total, I had six different looks for the shoot and loved every single one of them.

For the day, my makeup was nicely done by the very talented Joy Adenuga (@joyadenuga), I was also styled by the faboulous Erica Mathews (@ericafmstyle) and my hairstylist was the one and only Philip Eric (@philiperichair).


IMG_8402 2
Our Miami Wig Available soon

The Miami wig worn by myself comes with a 360 lace frontal and will be avaialable soon for you all to purchase. The rest of the new collection will also be out very soon, however, in the mean time, follow @dswigs_hair on instagram and snapchat for all my exclusive hair journeys.  I will be demostrating how I style my Dionne Smith hair by videoing the tools and the products I use on snapchat, so make sure you stay tuned. For more videos of the day please visit Vblog .


4 thoughts on “Ambassador Duties

  1. Hi, I just want to say that I admire you so much! I’ve been following you since miss ghana uk days and you’ve grown into such an inspiring young lady. Keep up with the good work darling.

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