The Young Entrepreneur Of The Week


“I believe in supporting each other to make a better world”.


As you are all aware of my love for blogging and empowering young individuals like myself to always aim higher than the skies, I have decided to introduce a new blogging section to my website where every week I will go through several entrepreneurs and companies received through emails and select one outstanding CEO as my Young Entrepreneur Of The Week (@yew_global).

A few days ago, I realised that my viewers are increasing on a daily basis, therefore, I decided to do this activity not only to publish people with establish businesses but to also encourage every young adult out there by proving to them that you do not need to be a certain age to be self-employed or establish your own company as it’s being done by several individuals.

I added an interview section so people can read about the challenges of an entrepreneur and what it takes to be one. Moreless, I want these young individuals to share their stories with us. Setting up a company is not an easy task and it isn’t done in a day as my mother always says: “Rome wasn’t built in a day”. If you have tried and failed to establish your own business due to many factors of life do not give up. However, pick yourself up and try again.

Self-motivation, passion and determination are such great assets to have while trying to set up a company as ‘you are all you have’. No one is going to be on your case about waking up at 9 am to be at work, but you have to encourage and constantly remind yourself each day that this is yours, it’s your child, therefore you must nurture it, protect it, and promote it for it to grow.

If you will like to participate please do not hesitate to email me Contact

Thank You


11 thoughts on “The Young Entrepreneur Of The Week

  1. This is absolutely great! I have a business I just started and this opportunity will be great for me to promote it. I have emailed you with my information.

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  2. hmm such a cool idea! I’ve been thinking about ways to connect with local young entrepreneurs too, it seems there aren’t a lot of communities for young entrepreneurs specifically. I’ll be reading these as I’m trying to help out with my blog too (well at least I think I am lol) !

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    1. This is exactly the whole point of YEW global, to expose Young Entrepreneurs and also encourage other young adults to start up their own businesses. I’m sure whatever little effort you put into your blog will be seen as a major step forward to others.


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