Young Entrepreneur Of The Week


Sonez W-Charles: CEO of ScDesigns

I will like to introduce Sonez W-Charles as my first Young Entrepreneur of The Week.

Sonez is a young, talented, and brilliant fashion designer and stylist. She describes herself as being creative at heart and enjoys anything that allows her to be just that. In her spare time, if not working on making her amazing clothing line better, she also enjoys reading and watching her favorite TV shows.


ScDesigns 2017 Summer Collection (click to enlarge image)


  1. What is your name? – Sonez W-Charles
  2. Where are you from? – St Vincent and the Grenadines
  3. What is the name of your company? – ScDesigns
  4. Where is the company located? – United Kingdom, Essex
  5. When was the company established? – In 2015
  6. How did you get the idea? – I got the idea to start my own clothing line from people’s requests to get what I was wearing when I wore an outfit I made for myself. From friends to strangers I would get so many requests it made me realise I should take things seriously and get started on being able to provide others with my unique creations.
  7. Was it something you’ve always wanted to do? – It is something I always was interested in as from a little girl I would hand stitch outfits for my younger cousins dolls and make small alterations to my own clothing. As I got older my mum gifted me with my first miniature sewing machine around age 14 which helped me gain a bit more skills but it wasn’t until I was 18 and was able to buy my own proper sewing machine that I really started making outfits that I wore out in public.
  8. What has been the ups and down while creating the company or after creating it? – Whilst creating Scdesigns one of the hardest things was finding out where I can purchase or find the stuff I needed. Eventually, through the help of Google and some research, I was able to find online companies that can provide what I needed. Also as I have no investors and all expenses are covered solely by myself I also had a hard time getting the funds required together for my machines, materials etc. Once I had all of that out of the way and was able to establish my business the only struggles I face now stem from a lack of inspiration/ creativity blocks that prevent me from thinking of designs for any collection I’m working on.
  9. Where do you see your company in 5 years time? – In 5 years time, I’m hoping Scdesigns will be more successful and able to finally start having things manufactured as currently, everything is handmade as we are operating on a much smaller scale.
  10. Is your business a full-time self-employed occupation or a side occupation? – Scdesigns is a side occupation.
  11. What advice would you give to other people trying to emerge in the same business? – My advice to anyone who wishes to start a business of their own in any field is to understand that there will be struggles. Success does not come overnight but determination and consistency will help get you there quicker. Also ..plan!!! Having a plan for how you plan to market your product is essential.
  12. Do you have any social media platforms for your company? – Yes, Instagram: @S.cdesigns| Website:

Did I mention that I’ve been privileged enough to wear some of ScDesigns amazing collection over the years? Well, check me out! Click, click.

I will like to personally thank the ScDesigns team for their amazing participation and also wish them the best of luck in the future.

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