Well Well, SURPRISE!! We have two Young Entrepreneurs Of The Week this week. So, I decided to publish two young entrepreneurs this week because I have received so many wonderful emails from you all and to be honest, choosing just one for each week is such a difficult task as you are all doing such an amazing job as entrepreneurs.

So, my third Young Entrepreneur Of The Week is the beautiful Asia Abston. Funny enough, I love the name ‘Asia’ so this particular interview caught my eyes pretty quick. So who is Asia? Asia Abston is a ’20 something year’ old first-time entrepreneur living in sunny Miami, Florida. “How lucky girl, sigh“. She loves to read, shop, dance and travel as she was recently bitten by the travel bug and enjoys it so much. When she’s not glued to her computer “like myself” working on Electric 87, you can usually find her at the poolside on South Beach or at the park with her Dalmatian Romeo. Starting her business has been the most rewarding time of her life and she could not be more excited to see where this journey takes her.
Asia Abston, CEO Of Electric 87 Boutique


  1. What is your name? – Asia Abston
  2. Where are you from? – I am originally from Chicago, Illinois but I moved to Miami, Florida over ten years ago.
  3. What is the name of your company? – My company is Electric 87 Boutique.
  4. Where is the company located? – Electric 87 Boutique is online exclusively. This way we can bring fierce fashion to women worldwide.
  5. When was the company established? – The idea came to me three years ago but, I really got started in the fall of 2016.
  6. How did you get the idea? – Electric 87 began with my own celebrity inspired style. I was constantly approached by women wanting to know where I got my pieces, which were usually clearance items sourced from a random boutique, a thrift store or a huge chain store that they had probably overlooked a hundred times. I would spend hours scouring these places to find a less expensive version of the looks I saw on my favourite celebrities. With the knowledge that other women trusted my eye for fashion, I came up with a way to offer them quality, on-trend fashions at a fraction of designer ticket prices.
  7. Was it something you’ve always wanted to do? – I have always wanted to empower women, especially women of colour. Patriarchy has brainwashed us into believing in double standards. Women are the pinnacle intellect and strength. I just want to spread that message far and wide.
  8. What has been the ups and downs while creating the company or after creating it? – Entrepreneurship is a roller coaster! Some of the highs include making my first sales, you just work so hard for this vision and to see people put their hard earned money into your brand is incredible. The downs are that it’s also very overwhelming. You are in charge of everything so you can’t afford to not be focused or motivated. Every day you have to push yourself! Your entire brand depends on it.
  9. Where do you see this company in 5 years time? – Five years from now Electric 87 Boutique will have reached global domination LOL! That may take more than five years but, I won’t stop until fashionistas turn to my brand first for their hottest looks and style inspirations.
  10. Is your business a full-time self-employed occupation or a side occupation? – To finance my company I am still working full time. So my days are very long! I am dedicated to this brand so if it’s 14 hour days then so be it. It will all be worth it in the end.
  11. What advice would you give to anyone trying to emerge in the same business? – My advice for those looking to break into the e-commerce fashion realm is to just get started! The internet is a wealth of knowledge at your fingertips. Use it! Also sign up for email list from entrepreneurs in the field that offer support, tips and advice. Each morning I have about seven blogs that I subscribe to that bring invaluable business advice directly to my email.
  12. Do you have any social media platforms for the company? ( if yes, please provide it) – Yes! We are @shopelectric87 on Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter and Polyvore.

This was such an amazing interview, I totally enjoyed reading through her answers. Her passion and determination are very contagious and I wish her nothing but the best in her business and life. Thank you very much, Asia, for your participation.


4 thoughts on “YEW: ELECTRIC 87 BOUTIQUE

  1. WOW! What a wonderful interview. Incredibly inspiring and insightful to girls all over the world. And, Asia, your hustle and brand is phenomenal!! Thank you.

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