P A R I S  W I T H  L O V E


Let’s throw it back a little since today is Thursday. I did promise to do more travelling and style/fashion blogs as I have many holiday pictures I still haven’t posted on any of my social media platforms. By just reading the title of this blog, I am sure you all know what county I will be talking about in this new edition of Travel With Ohemaa.

For some, Paris is the perfect destination for a great getaway. The city of love, fashion and amazing restaurants as it is known by many, however, for me it is just home. When I visit my city Paris, I make sure I go all in when it comes to my outfits and hairstyles.

These are some of my favourite looks while in Paris. Outfit details will be mentioned just in case anyone is interested to know (even though this is a throwback post I am pretty sure most of the items are out of stock). I’ve also added a short video from my Paris trip. You can watch it by clicking on the following link Vblog. Click on image to enlarge, enjoy and don’t forget to subscribe.



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