A C C O U N T A  P A L



The whole purpose of YEW GLOBAL is to inspire and motivate every young adult across the globe by interviewing young entrepreneurs and proving to each individual that, you can set up your own company regardless of your financial background and social class, all you need to start that dream is to take that one step forward. So far, we’ve only interviewed great ambitious females entrepreneurs, however, this week’s young entrepreneurs are two determined young men (Prince and Carl), the founders of AccountaPal.

 AccountaPal is a mobile application focused on accountability and connecting users together through similar goals and aspirations. Users have the opportunity to create a custom profile chronicling their life story match with other users who share similar goals and ambitions and embark on a life-changing shared journey in pursuit of their many short-term and long-term life goals.

Prince and Carl are on a mission to help individuals find accountability partners in relation to their specific goals they want to accomplish and to get them started on that journey. The app focuses on all aspects of life including fitness, health, and career to name a few.


1. What is your name? – The AccountaPal founders are Carl McCray and Prince Asumadu.

2. Where are you from? – Carl is originally from Fitzgerald, Georgia while Prince is from Lithia Springs, Georgia with parents from Ghana, West Africa.

3. What is the name of your company? – The name of our company is AccountaPal.

4. Where is the company located? – Our company is based out in Atlanta, Georgia.

5. When was the company established? – The company was officially established around January 2017.

6. How did you get the idea? – The idea started with God. We wanted to build a better relationship with God by incorporating reading/studying the bible and praying more into our everyday life. We found that we let our careers and social lives deter us from this goal. We weren’t being accountable for each other and that’s when Carl got the idea for a mobile application that would help individuals stay accountable for their various goals.

7. Was it something you’ve always wanted to do? – This was never something we thought about doing. It just happened at the right time in our lives. We knew that the corporate life wasn’t a life we wanted to embark on forever. We wanted to make our own lane.

8. What has been the ups and downs while establishing the company or after establishing it?


-The idea, in general, is an up. There isn’t a big market for it, but there is a ton of opportunities to help people accomplish goals.

-The amount of support from family and friends.


-Financial challenges.

-Balancing full-time jobs while trying to also manage a company on the side.

-Time zone with a developer.

9. Where do you see this company in 5 years time? – In 5 years we see AccountaPal as a globally recognized mobile application helping millions of people transform their lives for the better, by finding accountability partners and ultimately accomplishing their goals.

10. Is your business a full-time self-employed occupation or a part-time occupation? – As of right now, AccountaPal is what some individuals would call our 5-9, or what we like to call our 5 until whenever business is finished. It will continue to be a part-time occupation until we are stable enough make it our full-time jobs and leave our current careers.

11. What advice would you give to anyone trying to emerge in the same business?

-Take the first step, and don’t look back.

-Build your network, make sure you have a solid network.

-Make sure there is a need for your product/service.

-Don’t be afraid to ask questions.

-Know that things won’t always go as planned, scheduled etc but it’s okay.

12. Do you have any social media platforms for the company? – Follow us on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn @AccountaPal. We can also be reached by email at

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