The saying is true indeed, “there’s no place like home”.


Hello readers, it’s been a while since I’ve published a blog due to the rebranding of YEWGlobal as we are launching its own website soon which will introduce several new projects for young adults who aspire to become entrepreneurs in Ghana. I was supposed to blog about my first month in Ghana, however, that didn’t happen. As a result, I am going to summarize my stay in Ghana and all the exciting things that’s happened so far.

Let’s get started.

About two months ago, I made the biggest decision of my life so far to move to Ghana ‘permanently’. Well! At that time, my mindset was more towards the ‘i’ll give it a try for a few months’ which actually changed quite quickly for the good after I made the big move.

A little background story.

I’ve always wanted to live in Ghana since I was a teenager. I started visiting Ghana, (Kumasi) to be precise at a very young age with my mother and two sisters. It became our ‘must go’ location every summer holidays. Literally! However, I never got bored of going back home. This particular pleasant habit eventually remained with me until I was old enough to travel by myself. My mother was extremely devoted to her children knowing their roots. She made sure we knew where we come from and constantly stressed on the importance of knowing our own history as Ghanaian descents. That history is what made me love Ghana so much which then developed into wanting to give back to my country by all means necessary through the knowledge I’ve acquired from education both in France and the United Kingdom.

At the age of 16, I told everyone in my family that;

Once I finish my studies, I will move to Ghana to help my country”.

At that time, I’ve only lived in the United Kingdom for two years. Prior to that, I lived in France, where I was born and raised. My mother knowing exactly the kind of child she has given birth to knew that bold statement will one day come to pass. This year, I graduated with a master’s degree in International Relations and Democratic Politics at the University of Westminster. The day I submitted my dissertation, I knew deep down in my heart that it was time to make preparations towards my ‘big move’. And I did. I researched day and night, I made sure I knew what I was getting myself into and most importantly, I made sure I secured a job before moving.

How I felt.

I was extremely nervous, yet existed. I was very happy, yet sad. I was anxious, yet very optimistic about the future. To be honest, it was a mixture of feelings towards how this bold move could eventually turn out. Before I moved to Ghana, I had an amazing job as a Payment specialist. The thought of having to leave that aspect of my life for something totally new to me in a whole new different continent was very scary. But, my mind was made up. I researched about a few diasporas who were doing extremely well in Ghana just to have an idea of what exactly I was getting myself into. And honestly, it helped a lot. I knew what I was going home to do. I knew how I wanted to impact my people with YEWGlobal.

Finally, I knew I’ve made the right decision.

Fast forward: two month in Ghana.

I am still getting used to several things such as:  the Ghanaian system of living, the crazy traffic, the unbearable heat, the mosquitoes and unfortunately, certain food. But it’s been an amazing journey so far. I thank God Almighty for his amazing grace and for blessing me more than I deserve. YEWGlobal is making great progress towards the official launching of the new website and projects. For continuous updates on YEWGlobal, follow us on Instagram and Twitter.


My only advice to diasporas wanting to relocate to Ghana will be; to always do your research and to make sure you always remember the reason why you came back home to keep your ambitions and dreams moving as it is extremely easy to lose focus.

Thank you all for reading. I’ve added a few pictures of my trip to Akosombo, (Eastern Region), just to show how beautiful Ghana is.

Stay tuned for the Akosombo vlog.

18 thoughts on “MY NEW HOME

  1. Great move. It certainly would take a bit of time to adapt, if at all. Nonetheless your drive would keep you going. Advise take it slowly, stay focused and if possible remain scarce. Judging from your Instagram, I love that you seem to keep to yourself. Ghana and Africa presents a lot of opportunities you can tap into. Consider using your French, bring bilingual is such a huge asset in a Region that’s predominantly French speaking. Hope you get to use this in your new job. Have fun and stay gorgeous 😘

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  2. Kudos 👍🏿You really my big motivator .Keep on moving higher and may God keep on protecting you to show us more places in the world 🌎

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  3. Very inspiring blog your determination and focus is admirable. Am Currently visiting Ghana and I must say I get more inspired to relocate here any time I vist. Keep up the amazing work love and I can’t wait for the launch of YEW Global. God Bless you 💕🙏🏾


  4. Welcome home! I love your passion and love for Ghana. It’s really inspiring! I want to be like you when I grow up. Lol


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