YEWGlobal team

The YEW Global Team

The YEW Global team was formed in October 2018, after months of trying to find motivated young individuals who want to make an impact in their communities and also believe in the YEWGlobal aim and vision. The team was selected by the founder, Edma Ohemaa Lawer who believes the youth have the power to make an impact in the world if they come together by agreeing on a common vision.

Before moving to Ghana, Ms Lawer put into consideration several key points including the kind of people she would need in her team to ensure the success of YEWGlobal not just in Ghana but worldwide. Therefore, finding what YEWGlobal as an NGO needed, was the very first step, then finding ambitious people to fill in those specific positions was next. Ms Lawer was already familiar with some of the team members, however, the rest were either introduced to her or were contacted via a social media platform.

Once the selection was done, a meeting was scheduled by Ms Lawer with every team member to introduce and explain the aims, core values and vision of YEWGlobal. Each individual was then assigned to a specific job role based on their knowledge and abilities to perform tasks. The team consists of 8 talented young people and since the very first day, they have brainstormed, discussed and worked hard together as a team to ensure the growth of YEWGlobal.

Meet The Team Member

This is a very short blog about how the YEWGlobal team was formed. Please visit our website for more information about our organisation and the YEWGlobal Magazine coming out soon. Email us for sponsorships and partnerships at or visit our social media platforms: Instagram – @yewglobal / Twitter – @yewglobal / Facebook – YEWGlobal

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